Hacking Energy Program


Our mitochondria, the energy-producing engines in the cells, become less efficient in generating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as we get older. ATP is the molecule that provides energy to cells throughout our bodies. Smaller amount of ATP at a given instance means cells must become frugal with how much of their energetic “budget” they allocate to other processes in the body such as making new cells or repairing damage imposed by stressors and disease. But age- and disease-related factors aren’t the only things that deplete your energy. Lifestyle habits also play a part in fatigue.

This program will help you address specific energy depleters in your life such as blood sugar regulation, nutrient deficiencies, exercise, sleep, inadequate breathing, hormones, toxicity, environment, stress, distractions, and more. You will also learn longevity and energy hacks, recovery and resilience tools, and work on developing long term strategies to become high performance individual.