Hacking Mindfulness Program


Our attention is always bound up in something and we largely become what we pay attention to. We are building our mind in each moment – we’re building habits, desires, worries, expectations, prejudices, and insights. Mindfulness is the ability to notice this process with clarity, and to then prioritize we pay attention to. Why not pay attention to the things that make us a better person and free our attention from the frivolous things that are competing for it?

Neuroscientist and long-term practitioner Rick Hanson describes the practice of mindfulness as a kind of ‘self-directed neuroplasticity’ and ‘with practice, you’ll learn to light up the neural circuits of positive states even when you’re rattled or upset, like reaching through clutter to get the tool you need.’ The more we train in the practice of mindfulness, the more degrees of freedom we’ll find in situations like this and the more present we’ll become throughout the day.

This program will teach you different components of mindfulness, help you explore different mindfulness practices, and support your development of a regular and effective mindfulness practice individual to you.